Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair cushions are specifically designed to help wheelchair users position themselves more comfortably when seated. Designed using a variety of materials and available in nearly any shape and thickness, wheelchair cushions reduce the risk of pressure ulcers and skin breakdown while encouraging proper body positioning and posture control. After diligent testing for a variety of features including comfort, design, cover options, and cost, the staff at Rehabmart are proud to present this updated list of the five wheelchair cushion options we think are the best the market has to offer right now.

These are the best Wheelchair Cushions

Super Soft Econo Gel by SkiI-Care

Skil-Care‘s Super Soft Econo-Gel cushion is the ideal budget-friendly option for those who spend extensive time in their wheelchair, and snags the prize in our Best Value category overall. Designed for comfort and injury prevention, this cushion provides the user with the right combination of pressure relief and support without breaking the bank.

Sitting in a wheelchair long-term can cause certain health problems. These issues can include skin shearing pressure ulcers, and infections, but the right support in your wheelchair or geri-chair can reduce this risk.

The hybrid gel-foam construction gives pressure points in the bony areas of the backside and lower back the relief they need while maintaining an even distribution ideal for extended use. To prevent slipping and disruption of the user’ 5 alignment, which can cause discomfort or injury, the outer cover includes ties that securely anchor the cushion to the mobility device.

Curve by Comfort Company

Moving up one spot from our previous rankings, next on our list is Comfort Company’s Curve Wheelchair Cushion, our winner for Best Value in the foam cushion category. With high marks in comfort, design, and materials, this wallet-friendly choice starts at $61 and has an array of features that make it a solid option for budget-conscious customers who don’t want to skimp on amenities. The Curve Wheelchair Cushion is a foam positioning cushion made out of high-density polyurethane foam, and has a contour shape to better increase user stability.

The Curve Wheelchair Cushion is a lightweight cushion that is 2.75 inches high in both the front and rear. Capable of supporting weight ranges from 250 to 400 pounds, this cushion is suitable for a bariatric use. It can be ordered in a pediatric version. It comes in 13 adult sizes ranging from 16 x 16 inches to 24 x 18 inches, and can be ordered with one of two cover types: Stretch-Air fabric, or Comfort-Tek. The Stretch-Air fabric has a breathable Lycra-like cover made up of two layers. The top layer is stretchable and the bottom layer is waterproof but breathable to help with airflow and heat reduction.

The Comfort-Tek fabric has a leather-like vinyl cover that can be washed using detergent and air-dried. This choice is best for incontinence, or if fluids are likely to come in contact with the cover. It also has some stretch to give it flexibility!

The bottoms of all the cushions are non-skid and have a hook and loop with Velcro closures to firmly attach them to the back of the wheelchair.

Geo- Matt Contour by Span America

New to our list this year, the Geo-Matt Contour Wheelchair Cushion by Span America has been Rehabmart-employee tested and earns its place on our list as the Best Foam cushion overall. Distinguished by its innovative design and attractive price point, this unique cushion is light years ahead of other foam technologies, with its every detail designed to maximize comfort and skin protection.

With its 72 individual cushions and exceptional contouring, this item‘s cross cut supportive foam cells move independently of one another to provide maximum pressure distribution and respond to your individual needs These cells form a ring of air that distributes and reduces heat in order to minimize perspiration and thus maintain skin integrity.

Maioc Gel by Comfort Company

Another new addition to our list, and Comfort Company‘s second appearance here, the Maioc Gel cushion is our overall winner in the Best Gel Cushion category. Offering a high level of comfort, a sophisticated design, and a choice between two excellent covers, the Maioc Gel secures its number two spot in Rehabmart’s rankings Like its less pricey neighbor on this list, Skil-Care‘s Super Soft Econo-Gel cushion, the Maxx Gel is a hybrid model with both foam and gel components. The item‘s three layers of high resilience foam immerse the wheelchair user to protect bony prominences, areas that are especially susceptible to developing pressure sores. The embedded Evolite gel pack contains a composite gel that is 6096 lighter than water-based or viscoelastic gels. When the wheelchair user shifts position, the Evolite gel flows to where it is needed. Gel wheelchair cushions help regulate body temperature and absorb shodc.

ROHO Contour Select

Every wheelchair cushion selected for this list has something unique to offer, but when it comes to comfort, design, and cover options, one choice emerged as the clear victor: the ROHO Contour Select. This one-of-a-kind cushion earns the top slot with its customizable design, airy construction, and range of potential uses. ROHO’s Contour Select Wheelchair Cushion features a unique air-filled adjustable cellular design that conforms to the user’s unique seated shape in order to provide customized immersion and corrective positioning support. Ideal for those who are at a moderate to high risk of developing pressure sores, this state-of-the-art wheelchair cushion uses Isoflo Memory Control Technology that inflates and distributes air to each of the cushion’s four quadrants, depending on the desired positioning. A contoured design keeps the pelvis centered and positioned in an upright, aligned position while also minimizing swaying with stabilizing support.

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